About LifeSkills Mindfulness Courses (LSM)

blossom2LSM is based on Buddhist meditation practices that have been used in a range of training courses over the past 30 years to help alleviate stress, unhappiness and chronic pain.

Mindfulness refers to the ability that we all have to stay present with our immediate experience and to be fully aware of the context of our experience. Most of us have learnt to rapidly move from being with our raw experience into thinking about it. This becomes so automatic that we hardly notice it and yet this compulsive ‘thinking habit’ can lead to unhappiness and stress.

During the LSM course you will re-connect with your natural ability to be with and accept what you are currently experiencing. LSM involves sustained, in-depth training in suspending habitual ways of thinking and perceiving and in relaxing into direct awareness. This relaxation into ‘being’ is the key way in which we learn to release ourselves from automatically believing in and following our thinking minds.

We will also be exploring other important elements of our lives and how we can engage with these skillfully to avoid undue suffering for ourselves and others.

Although LSM uses meditation practices derived from Buddhism, it is a secular course open to all.

The LSM full course is:

A series of 2 hour sessions once a week for 8 weeks

Skills based

Supporting notes are provided by email (Sample)

A certificate of attendance is given at the end of the course

The 8 week programme costs £100 including session notes and a textbook

Our next course is being planned

The venue may be in Abbots Langley, Herts

For further information and to register your interest please email c.ward **at** triplegem.org.uk

(replacing **@** by @). Mobile: 07885 067374

Please note that we hope to run a course in May 2013. To register please complete and return the registration form.

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