Chris Ward

chris_wardChris Ward became interested in Psychology, Yoga, meditation and Buddhism as a teenager. He studied chemistry to degree level (including a module in Psychology), and has since obtained Masters degrees in both Computer Science and Buddhist Studies. Chris is also a qualified school teacher.

In his early twenties he practiced Zen and Tibetan meditation before being attracted to vipassana meditation, Theravada and early Buddhism, which have continued to absorb his attention. Chris’s main source of teaching and inspiration for more than thirty years has been the Theravadan monks and nuns of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. Over recent years, Chris has become increasingly interested in the emerging Secular Buddhism movement and mindfulness training.

Chris commenced his career as a school teacher and taught for several years before becoming interested in computer systems design. He has worked in various enterprises as a software designer and consultant and been involved in several international consultancy projects before leaving to devote more time teaching meditation and mindfulness. He has led meditation workshops, days, and retreats at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery in Great Gaddesden, UK for over fifteen years.

Chris launched Triple Gem in 2007 as a non-denominational and secular vehicle for Buddhist practice and social action.

Chris wrote, and has led, the LifeSkills Mindfulness (LSM) course since 2010 based on the eight week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Model so widely used in therapeutic and educational contexts.

For many years he edited and wrote for the Amaravati Lay Buddhist Association (ALBA) Community Magazine and continues on the committee of the Amaravati Lay Buddhist Association (ALBA).

Chris was Secretary of the Network of Buddhist Organisations (NBO) from 2010 to 2013. Chris completed a year as the NBO Development Officer in 2007 when he visited Buddhist organisations across the UK and recorded his experiences in the ‘Buddhists in Britain’ blog.

For five years he was the Buddhist representative on the Hertfordshire Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE).

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