A challenge to Buddhists

Back in 2007, Bhikkhu Bodhi, a respected and well-known Theravadan Buddhist monk published a challenge to Buddhists. I recently re-read this and some trenchant comment on Ajahn Punnadhammo’s ‘Bhikkhu’s Blog’ … Continue Reading →

The God Survey: a noun, a verb, or what?

The William Temple Foundation (www.wtf.org.uk ) recently circulated a questionnaire to a range of faiths including Buddhists. On attempting to complete the questionnaire, many found that the questions made assumptions which … Continue Reading →

Sally Masheder and the NBO

Sally Masheder had been the secretary of the Network of Buddhist Organisations (NBO) for many years prior to her recent illness and death. (A report of her memorial celebration can … Continue Reading →

Good reputation

The Network of Buddhist Organisations (NBO) will hold its annual general meeting on the 2st March at the London Buddhist Centre in Bethnel Green. The focus of the day will … Continue Reading →

The Atheist Bus Campaign

A large amount of money – currently £110,000 – has been donated in just six days towards a campaign to publicise atheist slogans on buses. This is a lot of money, especially … Continue Reading →

How should Buddhists behave?

The Network of Buddhist Organisations (NBO), a UK based umbrella organisation, is  considering a code of conduct for its members. Current membership criteria require the acceptance of any new Buddhist organisations by … Continue Reading →

IFN membership expansion

The Inter Faith Network (IFN)