Course Testimonials

Participants on previous mindfulness courses are always asked for feedback. Comments on recent courses have included:


Your LSM course was really good – better than I anticipated and great value for money!

As a testimonial we would like to attend your course again and very much hope you will continue to run it. 

There’s much to learn and we appreciate your kindness in bringing your teaching and experience to  … the course …

Thank you very much for the Mindfulness course. I liked every part of the course … Course notes are fantastic and easy to understand. …I feel more grounded, focused and seem to have gained a feeling of being a fly on the wall during circumstances when in the past I may have had unwanted emotions bubbling up.

Thanks again for leading the course – it has been an extremely rewarding experience for me…

Its as though the course has put me more in touch with my body and its needs whereas I think I have spent most of my time in my head in the past.



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