Buddhist Web Sites


There are so many good and interesting contemporary Buddhist web sites that it is impossible to list them all. So what follows is a sample offered primarily for their quality, interest, and educational content although the approaches they take are divergent – from traditional to modern to secular to critical. Exploring different approaches to Buddhism leads to a more rounded appreciation of how it is evolving in the contemporary world.

If you are interested in Buddhist practice, we encourage you to investigate different traditions and approaches in order to understand the broad modern context, to get a clear perspective on what is on offer, to encourage curiosity and to discourage sectarianism. Buddhism is a living tradition, so different views and attitudes are to be expected, and constructive criticism and debate is healthy. These combat complacency and encourage us to notice our own views, opinions and beliefs, so that these can be examined and understood. Those with an interest in mindfulness may well find much of interest.

These websites often have links to other sites.


Access to insight

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

Awakening Truth

Bhikkhu’s Blog

Buddha Community


Buddhism in Britain

Buddhist Geeks

Buddhism without Boundaries

Dhamma Talks

Forest Sangha


Just a little dust

Oxford Mindfulness Centre

Mindfulness in schools

Progressive Buddhism

Secular Buddhist

Sujatos blog

The Naked Monk

Finally a vitally important area of work:



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