LifeSkills Mindfulness (LSM) Courses

Triple Gem Buddhist Foundation – LifeSkills Mindfulness (LSM) Courses Over more than thirty years there has been a growing ‘mindfulness’ meditation movement of which Jon Kabat-Zinn was an early pioneer. … Continue Reading →

Meditation on Prescription

In their new ‘Be Mindful’ report the Mental Health Foundation  (MHF) is asking that meditation be made more readily available on prescription. Even though National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidance for the … Continue Reading →

Buddhist Climate Project

In the run-up to the crucial U.N. Climate Treaty Conference in Copenhagen in December 2009, the Buddhist Declaration on climate change will present to the world’s media a unique spiritual … Continue Reading →

Good reputation

The Network of Buddhist Organisations (NBO) will hold its annual general meeting on the 2st March at the London Buddhist Centre in Bethnel Green. The focus of the day will … Continue Reading →

Are Human Rights a good thing?

To question the value of Human Rights can seem quite shocking – almost like declaring oneself an atheist a few hundred years ago.  However, in a paper published on Monday by the … Continue Reading →

All Faiths and None

All Faiths and None (AFAN) is aimed at providing resources on religion and belief for colleges. AFAN is composed of  a group of people with different worldviews, both religious and … Continue Reading →

How should Buddhists behave?

The Network of Buddhist Organisations (NBO), a UK based umbrella organisation, is  considering a code of conduct for its members. Current membership criteria require the acceptance of any new Buddhist organisations by … Continue Reading →

A blind eye to demon drink

The BBC describes a recent report from the British Medical Association (BMA) on the harm done by the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol now kills more people every month than heroin does in … Continue Reading →

Further Education and Community Cohesion

Inner or Outer Social Cohesion? On the 11th February, the government launched a consultation exercise which lasts until 6th May  entitled: The Role of Further Education Providers in Promoting Community … Continue Reading →

Civil Funerals increasing

Forty percent of Hertfordshire people request information on civil funerals A recently circulated booklet from Hertfordshire County Council to all households publicises the idea of non-religious funerals. It states that a survey in … Continue Reading →