Weekend Retreat 12th – 14th April – Chris Ward

We have a few spaces on our next retreat:

Practising in the life that you live

A weekend of mindfulness practice, teaching and discussion. Open to all and suitable for both newcomers to mindfulness meditation and more experienced practitioners.

Instruction will be provided in contemplative practices that can be integrated with a wide range of lifestyles. Creating quiet times in our daily lives is usually something that most of us can accomplish – sometimes with a little creativity and patience. We can also practice mindfulness in many regular activities –  driving to work, washing dishes, or queuing for food.

Each of us lives within a context of work, relationships and responsibilities that are of great value. Although we may want to change some of these things, this is where we learn, and this is where our path of awakening lies.

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Booking Essential  and we encourage the use of email to submit booking forms.

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